ALS Release/Precepting

ALS Preceptor Program

As part of Rappahannock EMS Council Advanced Life Support education, an ALS Release Program is required.  The purpose of the program is to allow the new ALS provider, or mentee, the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills under the direct supervision of a designated and experienced mentor.  Mentees will use the training period to hone their patient management and new ALS skills.  Mentees will submit the Identification Form to the REMS Council prior to beginning the ALS Release process.

Mentees may only begin the ALS Release Program following successful completion of an ALS certification course and upon gaining State certification. Up to 26 patient contacts completed prior to state certification may be credited toward release requirements if completed within the REMS Council with an approved REMS Council Mentor.  Mentees will be released to perform ALS care independently at their current level of training after they have successfully completed the ALS Release Program and have met all other requirements.

Enhanced Providers, Intermediates, and Paramedics will be required to complete a specific number of patient contacts within a nine (9) month period.  In addition, Intermediates and Paramedics are required to obtain ACLS and PALS certification prior to release.  Providers will also be required to successfully complete a REMS protocol test.  The test and patient contacts are explained in more detail in the ALS Release Handbook.

When you submit the Identification Form list the primary and secondary mentors copies of your certification cards need to be submitted to include state certification card, NREMT card, ACLS and PALS.

You can request a copy of the most current ALS Release Handbook by calling our office at 540-373-0249, and asking for Kelsey Rideout.