Activate the CISM Team

To Activate Our CISM Teams Call 540-752-5883.

The Council's CISM Team services may be requested by calling our 24-hour hotline number 540-752-5883

Emergency care can take a psychological toll on providers. Our CISM teams are state accredited and trained to help our region's public safety personnel. These teams consist of mental health professionals and peer level providers. The teams may be contacted for services at anytime, 24 hours a day, upon your request or need.

CISM Training: The ICISF: Individual Crisis Intervention and Peer Support certification class is the foundation for all other CISM training. It is designed with the first responder in mind. You do not need to have prior training. This is the minimum training required to be an active member of the REMS region CISM Teams.

If you are interested in joining our region's CISM Teams feel free to complete a CISM Membership Application. Our Regional CISM Policies are provided for your information as well. If you have any questions please contact the Rappahannock EMS Council office at 540-373-0249.

If you are interested in general information about the role and function of a CISM team, here is the CISM Team Information Sheet.  If you are the significant other of an EMS provider and you would like some information on how to understand and cope with their reaction, please review our CISM Information for Significant Others

Were you, or someone you know, involved in a critical incident and looking for information on how to manage after the event? Please see the following resources: