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2023 Regional EMS Awards

Jordan Gaglio gained her EMT certification in 2022 as a Junior in the EMT Program at Colonial Forge High School while she was a member of Fredericksburg Rescue Squad. This past year as a senior she has served as a Student Instructor for this year’s EMT students as well as participating in the EMT III course where she is learning advanced practice skills and furthering her education. Jordan has consistently demonstrated dependability, commitment, discipline, dedication, critical thinking, problem solving and excellent time management. She performs skills with competent precision, demonstrates integrity and professionalism in all that she does. She continues to be an active member with Fredericksburg Rescue Squad in addition to running shifts she assists with community events. In addition, she is a Stop the Bleed instructor. She has conducted classes with the EMT students, Introduction to Health & Medical Sciences Course students, the JROTC cadets and any other classroom that requested the course. She recently took the role as coordinator for the 2nd Annual Stafford County Public Schools Health Fair that was held at Colonial Forge on April 22nd. She developed a training platform, the training materials, scheduled and conducted training sessions, and evaluated the Health & Medical Sciences students and EMT students to ensure they were capable of performing blood pressure checks to the public. She scheduled student volunteers and attended herself all on the day of the Prom. She is creating certificates of participation for all who worked at this event. Jordan is a member of the CFHS Chorus, Show Choir, Theater, Cheer Team and Dance Team as well as competing with a Competitive All-Star Cheer and Competitive All-Star Dance outside of school. In addition, she earned an Advanced Diploma with a strong GPA of 4.394. Jordan plans to pursue education as Paramedic. She states she has discovered that her passion is to help people- this brings her joy more than anything else to make people feel better.



Samantha Ashby is an experienced emergency dispatcher with Fauquier County. She works for both the Fauquier County Department of Fire, Rescue & Emergency Management (DFREM) and the Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office. She can readily anticipate the appropriate units needed for a call based on the information she has received. Her voice is calming and reassuring to all she communicates with. She has demonstrated an exceptional contribution to the improved delivery of emergency medical services. She recently has assisted in coordinating training between DFREM and her coworkers to foster better understanding of what happens on calls. This is immensely helpful, as sometimes dispatchers are expected to read the minds of personnel on the scene due to incomplete or garbled transmissions. Samantha is also part of the Fauquier Drone Team which is utilized in variety of situations to include missing persons, sizing up a wildfire and even in the reconstruction of a massive MCI that occurred on I-66 last year. Samantha’s calm attitude and decisive actions recently earned her a Meritorious Service Award when her efforts helped to protect Fauquier citizen’s during a ‘hold up’ incident at a local bank in January 2022.

Jack Kelley is an active member of the Lake of the Woods Fire-Rescue Department and has been serving the citizens of Orange County and beyond for over 30 years. He has been so instrumental in the EMS System for Orange County that the Board of Supervisors drew a proclamation that March is “Jack Kelley Month”. He has received countless Squad Member of the Year Awards, Captain Choice Awards, as well as many other local awards for dedication, performance, lifesaving and being an all-around provider dedicated to helping citizens in their time of need. Jack is also a dedicated AHA CPR Instructor through Mary Washington Healthcare. He donates his time and skill to teach others the basics of lifesaving. These groups include all ranges of healthcare providers, citizens, scouts and community groups. Over the past year he has become active with the Rappahannock EMS Councils Heart and Stroke Workgroup where he championed meeting with the Orange County Schools to deliver the Stroke Smart Program for all 7th graders in hopes of increasing recognition of stroke amongst younger people that may witness a stroke and can have the tools to recognize a stroke and rapidly call 911 which will decrease the door to intervention time in our area.

Jack continues to staff an ambulance several times a week which are 12-hour shifts. He is also a staple of the agencies EMT program, showing up for nearly every class to assist the instructor with their needs. He maintains his Advanced EMT. He has held every rank in the department all the way to Rescue Chief. He is passionate about the community outreach and will not miss an opportunity to conduct tours of the agency building or to attend other PR events. Jack Kelley is the ‘face’ of the Lake of the Woods Rescue Squad. He is a very dedicated member of this agency.


The Stafford County Fire and Rescue Department is an all-hazard response agency that protects over 150,000 residents and visitors. Today the department provides basic and advanced life support medical services, community paramedicine, tactical EMS, emergency management and public health service, which align to bring proactive and responsive healthcare services into the community. As demand for services has significantly increased the department needed to find innovative ways to maintain services without running out of resources. They developed a new and innovative dispatch process that focuses on reducing EMS resource utilization with the goal of improving response times for the most critical incidents across the county. This has successfully reduced the number of units responding to incidents by over 8%, resulting in improved EMS unit availability. In 2022 the department also invested in a new comprehensive and proactive quality management program. Today EMS clinicians receive critical patient care feedback in near real-time. This approach has been beneficial in identifying critical trending analysis that is used to focus on clinical education relevant topics that directly impact patient outcomes. Enhancements in treatment capabilities were also identified and adopted to include implementing a whole blood program and training for point-of-care Ultrasound to improve outcomes for critical trauma patients.

This comprehensive approach to improving patient care is why Stafford County Fire and Rescue is no longer just an emergency services agency, it is an essential component of the overall healthcare system in the REMS Council region. 

Inova Blood Donor Services has demonstrated their commitment to improving patient outcomes through the expansion of whole blood availability into the Rappahannock EMS Council Region. As a non-traditional partner to EMS, they were able to find innovative solutions for storage, deployment, and rotation of these critical supplies which made the whole blood program a reality. As a result of their willingness to recognize the benefits of this life-saving treatment, patients in hemorrhagic shock can now receive this critical treatment on the scene of emergency incidents.

In an effort to improve patient outcomes and ensure critical whole blood resources were available, the Inova Blood Donor Services had the vision to expand the whole blood pilot program being offered in the Northern Virginia EMS Council into Fauquier County. Despite the challenges of expanding its services outside of their normal supply area Inova leadership saw opportunities to save lives. This resulted in Fauquier County successfully deploying a whole blood program through their EMS Supervisors. Numerous lives have been positively impacted by the treatment and administration of whole blood. In 2023, Inova Blood Donor Services took the opportunity to expand the whole blood program into Stafford County. They worked tirelessly to make the program a reality in Stafford County. Inova continues to provide mentorship to both agencies to ensure this critical program is maintained.

Due to Inova Blood Donor Services willingness to identify solutions to ensure critical blood supplies are available for EMS and expanded outside of the traditional hospital system into the hands of EMS professionals we are honored to present the Inova Blood Donor Services the 2023 Innovation in EMS Award.

Dr. Michael Jenks is the OMD for Fauquier County Department of Fire, Rescue and Emergency Management (DFREM). Dr Jenks exemplifies outstanding leadership and dedication in the delivery of prehospital care through the training he provides, his participation in developing protocols and guidelines, and his willingness to listen to new ideas brought to him by his EMS providers. These qualities have led DFREMS to be at the forefront of patient care at the national level. Dr. Jenks frequently goes above and beyond his duties to enhance EMS Care. His open mindedness has led to exponential growth in DFREMS’s EMS system over the last few years. Specifically, he has implemented protocols that allow critical providers to administer whole blood, Phenobarbital for seizures, 23.4% hypertonic saline for head injuries, finger thoracostomies, use of ultrasound and RSI. Small portable refrigerators were added to every transport unit so that Medics can carry and administer Cardizem and Pepcid when needed. IV pumps were also added to every unit to allow for precision when administering medication drips. Additionally, IM Glucagon, IM Narcan and CPAP were opened to BLS providers. Thanks to Dr. Jenks, DFREM has seen many successful outcomes of critically ill patients.


Susan Halpin has been The Stroke Coordinator at Mary Washington Healthcare for close to 5 years. Her contributions to EMS are not only dedicated to her hospital; she is dedicated to regional, state and national stroke care improvement. She has been instrumental in developing and maintaining a stroke survivor group, the MWHC “Lightening Fast” award which is awarded quarterly to the EMS Agency that has the fastest time from ‘last known well’ to intervention. This award has brought even better awareness to the pre-hospital responders that ‘Time is Brain’. In addition, she is a member of the Virginia State Stroke Systems Task Force which is one of the best groups for sharing best practices in the Commonwealth for Stroke Care. Susan shares her depth of knowledge with all of the localities and teaches any chance she has to bring awareness. This includes being a vital part of the Stroke Smart Virginia in the Fredericksburg Area. She is also an active member of the Rappahannock EMS Council Heart and Stroke Workgroup where she expertly advises and guides our prehospital providers on the latest stroke treatments and interventions. Protocol advancements have included adding a Wake-Up Stroke Protocol several years ago that has been adopted by other hospital systems. Her leadership and excellence has paved the way for better stroke outcomes not only in REMS but the state and nation.

In 2020 Richard Cluff was one of three individuals chosen to be Fauquier County Department of Fire, Rescue and Emergency Management (DFREM) first EMS Supervisors and has since been promoted from Captain to Battalion Chief of EMS. BC Cluff has demonstrated an ability to be an effective and organized leader within DFREM. His vast knowledge and experience helps him to manage and problem solve any issues that come up either on the scene of a call or in the administrative office. BC Cluff wears many hats within DFREM to include EMS Supervisor providing excellent and progressive patient care while supporting his field providers and as Battalion Chief where he is expected to command active and potentially dangerous fireground operations, traffic crashes and other emergency situations. He also leads the DFREM EMS Protocol Committee which is responsible for bringing his agency to the forefront of patient care at a national level. BC Cluff played a vital role in writing the head injury protocol which included the use of 23.4% hypertonic saline solution in head injury patients. This proved successful in improving patient outcomes. He is constantly looking for ways to expand EMS protocols and introduce new and innovative equipment to include recently trialing a new Zoll monitor and new Hamilton ventilator. BC Cluff is always up to date on the latest and most progressive EMS Topics.

BC Cluff has earned the following recognitions:

2022 Unit Citation for efforts in administrating the Covid vaccine;

2023 Emergency Medical Services Commendation Medal awarded by the Culpeper Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution for his accomplishments and outstanding contributions to EMS;

2023 Valor Award-Lifesaving Award- awarded by the Fauquier County Government for his efforts in the successful resuscitation of a 10 year old male who suffered a cardiac arrest;

2023 Valor Award-Meritorious Unit Award – awarded by the Fauquier County Government for his efforts in helping to remove an elderly female from a smoke-filled apartment at the scene of a fire.

Lieutenant Carolyn McGee has served with King George County Department of Fire, Rescue & Emergency Services since April 2013.

Not only is she Supervisory Officer, Assistant Training Officer but heads the Child Passenger Seat Program (CPST) as the Site Coordinator. Her duties as a Site Coordinator in addition to maintaining her child safety seat technician certification are to promote car passenger safety on the agency’s social media websites and plan and host events in the community. In August 2022, Lt. McGee coordinated a co-sponsored Car Passenger Safety Technician course with her agency and the King George Sheriff’s Office. She then established the Standard Operating procedures and created the process (online and in-person) for the public to be able to request inspections. She is responsible for scheduling, inspecting, overseeing the 7 other technicians, and maintaining supplies as well as reporting monthly on the activities. The agencies Car Seat Program was established and became official in April 2023. At that time there were already 2 fire stations that were CPST sites, but a third fire station was added. She is responsible for acquiring the equipment and supplies that are necessary to conduct inspections at all three stations. Since August the technicians have successfully conducted 17 inspections while promoting best practice safety measures during public events.

Our departments Child Safety Seat Inspection program would not be where it is at today without the selfless actions and dedication by Lt. Carolyn McGee.

She has helped in advancing EMS education and the prevention of traumatic injury and death in children throughout our Region and in the Commonwealth.


Lisa Davis started her EMS career in 2003 by obtaining her EMT certification, then EMT-I in 2007 and Paramedic in 2013. She obtained her EMT-Instructor in 2011 which moved onto Education Coordinator. Lisa has been a member of Remington Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department since 2000 and is now a life member. She has held numerous administrative and operational positions and is currently managing EMS training and equipment & supplies. She routinely teaches CPR and Stop the Bleed courses for the general public. From 2007-2017 she worked for Fauquier County Department of Fire, Rescue and Emergency Management.

In 2017 Lisa was selected as the EMT-Instructor for Stafford County’s Colonial Forge High School EMT Program. Lisa has developed a teaching style and education environment that does not resemble the typical high school classroom. When EMT students enter Lisa’s classroom they ‘leave’ Colonial Forge High School and enter EMS Station 427. Students are organized into a 4-person crew with a lead provider assigned, they check out their EMS equipment and begin their daily chores to include daily duties, daily training, simulated emergency responses, meals, personnel inspections, presentations, and administrative duties. She puts an agenda on the board just like a real station with duties and expectations which makes a big difference when her students do their ride-along time. Lisa makes certain to teach her student to be good clinicians not just cookbook EMT’s who can memorize acronyms. One prior student stated that she is visibly invested in every student and tailors’ instruction to meet their learning styles. Over the last 6 years hundreds of EMT students have come through Lisa’s program and have become highly motivated providers and many are now EMT’s and Paramedics working our streets today.

Technician Scott Chamberlin exemplifies outstanding dedication and service to the statewide Virginia Emergency Medical Services system through his years of leadership, passion and hard work. Over the course of his 40-year career, Technician Chamberlain has demonstrated a commitment to a comprehensive, integrated system of emergency services throughout the Commonwealth. He retired as an Assistant Chief of MWAA and since then has been working for Fauquier County Department of Fire, Rescue and Emergency Management (DFREM) for nearly a decade as a firefighter/paramedic. While at MWAA he helped to author several NOVA manuals that are still used today. Technician Chamberlin remains highly involved by fulfilling the following roles: Member of the Fleet and Apparatus Design Committee, Member of the Local 3762 Executive Board and an ALS/BLS preceptor. Additionally, Technician Chamberlin still volunteers time at Amissville Volunteer Fire & Rescue where he started his career and continues to provide life-saving care to the citizens of Rappahannock County.

In the past few years, he has received the following awards:

2020 Firefighter of the Year in Fauquier County

2021 Chiefs Recognition of Service- awarded for his 7+ years.

2022 Unit Citation from DFREM for his efforts in successfully identifying and treating a critically ill patient.

2022 Unit Citation from DFREM for his efforts in administering the COVID vaccine to the community.

2023 EMS Public Servant of the Year- awarded by the Robert E. Laing Memorial VFW Post 9835 for his services to the community.

We are honored to present the Excellence in EMS award to Scott Chamberlin.




The 2022 Regional Awards

2022 Winners

William OotenWilliam Ooten, Outstanding EMS Leadership

William began his career in Culpeper. He worked his way from Firefighter/EMT to EMT-Advanced to Paramedic.  With a passion for growth, he then became a Lieutenant, was promoted to Captain, and now serves as Director. He has changed the landscape of EMS for Culpeper County, with his primary goal of ensuring delivery of services to their citizens as quickly as possible. Director Ooten is currently involved in making Culpeper County a Heart Safe Community while simultaneously working on other initiatives, like supporting and providing guidance for the Culpeper Police Opiate Antidote Program. William has also been instrumental in implementing safety initiatives with the School Board, which include the School Safety Exit Program where the county school buildings had doors marked and mapped for quick response by Fire and EMS in the event of a mass casualty or other event. William Ooten currently serves on several local and regional committees to advance the safety profession as a whole and gain transferable leadership experience. William is currently active as a:

  • Member of the Rappahannock EMS Council Board of Directors representing Culpeper County
  • Member of the Germanna Community College EMS Advisory Board for EMT and Paramedic education
  • Member of the Culpeper County Public Safety Committee
  • Member of the Culpeper County Fire & Rescue Association (representing career staff)

We are proud to present Director William Ooten with the Outstanding EMS Leadership Award.


King George Department of Fire Rescue & Emergency Services, Outstanding EMS Agency

The King George Department of Fire Rescue & Emergency Services is a leading and well-respected Fire & Rescue agency throughout the region and state. The Department operates four stations that cover the County and is licensed at the Advanced Life Support (ALS) ground transport level. The department serves an area covering 183 square miles and containing 25,300 citizens. Members of the department have served in numerous capacities on regional and statewide Fire and EMS initiatives. The Department has a history of being the first to take on many new and innovative ways to provide EMS services to the area. For example: they were the first in our region to create a combined Fire and EMS agency that was a truly unified paid and volunteer station. The King George Department of Fire Rescue and Emergency Services was also one of the first to introduce the use of pre-hospital ultrasound, using an approved Point-of-Care ultrasound (PoCUS) protocol to identify various life-threatening conditions. And more recently, the Department has undergone special training to implement the region’s first pre-hospital whole blood administration program. The goal of this new pilot program is to reduce the mortality in patients with hemorrhagic shock. They continue to be on the cutting edge of new technology, science-based approaches and enhanced opportunities for leadership growth.

We are truly excited to present the Outstanding EMS Agency award to the King George Department of Fire Rescue & Emergency Services.

Jessica King, Nurse with Outstanding Contribution to EMS

Nurse Jessica King is the Trauma Educator and Performance Improvement Coordinator for Mary Washington Hospital Trauma Services.  In this nursing role, she works closely with the EMS community to provide awareness and instruction in such areas as Trauma Triage, Stop the Bleed, and prevention. Through her nursing role and work, Mary Washington Healthcare has been able to move away from passing out flyers at tables to really making a difference and providing valuable educational opportunities to the community. She is honest and to the point, treats people with dignity and empathy and always strives to do her personal best in the work she does with EMS for MWHC trauma patients.  This cooperation is also shown through her active involvement with regional and statewide committees on trauma for EMS to include:

  • Mary Washington ED & Trauma Performance Improvement Committee
  • Stop the Bleed Steering Committee, Co-Chair
  • PHI AirCare2 PACES Planning Committee
  • Mary Washington Healthcare EMS Advisory Group

Jessica shines each year as part of the planning team for PACES, an all-day critical care symposium for our community hosted by PHI AirCare2 and Mary Washington Hospital Trauma Center. In addition, she has partnered with VCU’s Project IMPACT with visits to local schools to promote injury and violence prevention, while simultaneously conducting classes to increase the number of STOP THE BLEED Instructors in the region, which is a campaign she spearheaded in 2017. Jessica was instrumental in the 2021 kick-off of the first Mary Washington Healthcare Virtual EMS Night Out. As Outreach Coordinator and Educator for the Mary Washington Hospital Trauma Center, Jessica has consistently demonstrated high standards and iCARE values in working with EMS agencies and other healthcare partners. She is honest and to the point, treats people with dignity and empathy and always strives to do her personal best in the work we do in EMS for our trauma patients. 

We are proud to present the Nurse with Outstanding Contribution to EMS award to Jessica King.

Dr. William Reese, Physician with Outstanding Contribution to EMS

During the last several years, Dr. Reese was a vital part in creating the Emergency Stroke protocol which allowed LifeCare to be able to transfer patients receiving tPA. The ability to continue medication during transport allows for quicker In-Door/Out-Door times with Mary Washington Healthcare, which provides the patient with a better chance of a favorable outcome. He was also major part of LifeCare’s new initiative for the AIRVO 2. The AIRVO 2 generates high flows of warmed and humidified respiratory gases, delivered to spontaneously breathing patients through a variety of nasal, tracheostomy and mask interfaces. Through Dr. Reese’s guidance and support, LifeCare was able to create this high-flow protocol becoming one of Virginia’s first medical transport companies to do so.

Dr. Reese has received many accolades which include being nominated for the Governor’s Award for Outstanding Achievement in Virginia. And being honored as “Teacher of the Year” at LifeCare Medical Transports.

Over the last year, Dr. Reese has been an advocate and mentor at LifeCare Medical Transports by assisting in the creation of LifeCare's EMT Boot Camp. This program is an accelerated EMT course over the span of 4 weeks. Dr. Reese has been monumental in ensuring that LifeCare is able to provide the highest level of care for our community.

We are proud to present the award for Physician with Outstanding Contribution to EMS to Dr. William Reese.

Matthew Russell, Outstanding Prehospital Educator

Lt. Matthew Russell is an outstanding asset and stellar EMS provider at the King George County Department of Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Services. Lt Russell has assisted with instructing new employees in the department’s recruitment academies and he frequently teaches continuing education classes to shift personnel and volunteers. As a certified Flight Paramedic, he assists the department by teaching some of their monthly in-house critical care continuing education classes.

He is an active participant on the REMS Regional EMS Protocol Committee and provides his expertise to ensure that our entire regional is operating with the latest advancements in medical protocols.

In an effort to bring innovative programs to the region, Lt Russell developed and conducted the training program for the King George County Department of Fire, Rescue, & Emergency Department’s employment of Point of Care Ultrasound assessments. Then in July of this year the agency implemented a blood administration pilot program. Lt. Russell was indispensable in the coordination and realization of this program, including training advanced practice providers and other field staff on their specific roles and responsibilities.

Lt. Matthew Russell is an active Critical Care Paramedic and holds a variety of EMS educator certifications. He stays on the cutting edge of advanced care in an effort to keep the King George Department of Fire and Rescue at the forefront of EMS when it comes to excellence in patient care, while striving to provide the highest level of patient care outcomes.

We are proud to present the award for Outstanding Prehospital Educator to Lt. Matthew Russell.

Augustin Garcia Prieto, Outstanding Prehospital Provider

Agustin Garcia Prieto has quickly excelled as an EMT at the Sperryville Volunteer Rescue Squad. Agustin started with the squad as a Junior member while he was a senior in high school. Shortly thereafter, he enrolled in the EMT class and began running calls as plus-one. After coming on board in 2021, halfway through the year he had a record of responding to 237 calls. He never missed a 911 call. He is polite, congenial, inquisitive and willing to work. Gus is compassionate and respectful with both patients and coworkers. His calm demeanor reflects a maturity beyond his 19 years. While running hundreds of calls with the agency, Gus has truly earned a highly regarded reputation and admirable respect from the patients and his peers. 

In 2022, Agustin was honored by the Rappahannock County Volunteer Fire & Rescue Association with an award for “EMS Provider of the Year.” Agustin’s ambitious demeanor and thirst for learning has prompted him to apply and get accepted to the Virginia Commonwealth University. His clear drive and dedication to healthcare will be an asset to those he comes in contact with along his EMS journey. For Agustin Prieto, the sky is truly the limit!

We are proud to present the award for Outstanding Prehospital Provider to Agustin Garcia Prieto.

Tracey Werner, Outstanding EMS Telecommunications Dispatcher

Tracy Werner has been a public safety telecommunicator for almost 16 years.  Since her employment with the Fauquier County Sheriff's Office, Tracy has honed her skills in all aspects of emergency telecommunications, including Emergency Medical Dispatching. She obtained her EMT-B and completed ALS training, participated with a search and rescue group and has become an APCO (Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials) and Department of Criminal Justice Services Instructor.

Tracy has participated on a few different committees with APCO International. She was a member of a local volunteer fire and rescue department, a regional K9 search and rescue team, and is currently a member of the Sheriff's Office UAS Team. In 2018 Tracy was one of three presenters for search and rescue for communications at the Virginia APCO/NENA/Interop Fall Conference. Tracy is currently the Fauquier County Communications center go-to EMD instructor for new recruits. Over the last few years, Tracy has taken the initiative to create a search and rescue for communications training herself which includes specific information on:

  • Call taking for incidents
  • How to have a missing person find their GPS location on their cell phone
  • And providing triage and pre-arrival instructions including EMD if appropriate.
  • The training also includes different resources telecommunicators can expect to contact for assistance.

Tracy exhibits outstanding dedication and service to the field of telecommunications and the field of EMS.

We are proud to present the award for Outstanding EMS Telecommunications Dispatcher to Tracey Werner.

Robert Fry, Outstanding Contribution to EMS by a High School Senior

Robert Fry was inspired to enter into EMS by his father, who is a FF/EMT. He quickly gravitated to Reva Volunteer Fire & Rescue as a senior in high school. During the past year he obtained his NREMT, Firefighter 1, and Hazmat Operations certification. Robert has been so dedicated that he completed his certifications while being dually enrolled in coursework in High school and at Germanna Community College. Upon his graduation, Robert has plans to continue his education in Fire & EMS while attending college. This year Robert was inducted into the National Technical Honor Society at the Culpeper Technical Education Center.

The Reva Volunteer Fire and Rescue Chief said, “Robert Fry has exceeded his agency’s expectations for junior members and surpassed many of the other members within the last year.”  Robert Fry will be a tremendous asset to EMS in years to come. We look forward to see the trail he creates on his way a successful career in the EMS field.

We are truly proud to present the award for Outstanding Contribution to EMS by a High School Senior to Robert Fry.

Fauquier Department of Fire Rescue & Emergency Management, Outstanding Contribution to EMS Health & Safety

In 2017, the Fauquier County Department of Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Management, along with the Fauquier County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association, started an Operational Health and Safety Committee. This committee was established to improve the overall safety of operating procedures and conserve personnel, vehicles, and equipment through accident prevention, training, and maintenance. The committee is comprised of volunteer, career, and union representation. The Health and Safety Committee has implemented two distinct programs whose sole purpose is to support their personnel's physical and mental health. In 2015 they established a Peer Support Team, and in an effort to progress in their services using the Department's Peer Support Team framework, Fauquier County established a Peer Fitness Committee in 2022. Several of the Peer Fitness members have assumed the financial and time obligations of becoming nationally certified personal trainers and nutritionists. The first initiative of this group has been managing recruit school physical training. The Fauquier County Operational Health and Safety Committee also includes a comprehensive gear cleaning and replacement program. In April of 2022, they implemented an alert section called PSTrax, which is used to address and document health and safety-related concerns. PSTrax allows members to document issues, ensure that they are reviewed, make recommendations to the appropriate administrators, and keep accurate records. The Fauquier County Department of Fire Rescue and Emergency Management continues to work closely with local and state partners and a broad variety of related stakeholders to develop a culture in which safety considerations and risk awareness permeate the full spectrum of EMS activities and decisions. 

We are truly excited to present the Outstanding EMS Health & Safety Award to the Fauquier Department of Fire Rescue & Emergency Management.