Regional EMS Awards

The 2022 Regional Awards

We may be living through unprecedented times, but the outstanding EMS providers in our region deserved recognition now more than ever! 

Regional EMS Awards are given to recipients nominated by YOU. Thank you for helping us honor your colleagues who go above and beyond in serving their community.

2022's Winners

William OotenWilliam Ooten, Outstanding EMS Leadership

William began his career in Culpeper. He worked his way from Firefighter/EMT to EMT-Advanced to Paramedic.  With a passion for growth, he then became a Lieutenant, was promoted to Captain, and now serves as Director. He has changed the landscape of EMS for Culpeper County, with his primary goal of ensuring delivery of services to their citizens as quickly as possible. Director Ooten is currently involved in making Culpeper County a Heart Safe Community while simultaneously working on other initiatives, like supporting and providing guidance for the Culpeper Police Opiate Antidote Program. William has also been instrumental in implementing safety initiatives with the School Board, which include the School Safety Exit Program where the county school buildings had doors marked and mapped for quick response by Fire and EMS in the event of a mass casualty or other event. William Ooten currently serves on several local and regional committees to advance the safety profession as a whole and gain transferable leadership experience. William is currently active as a:

  • Member of the Rappahannock EMS Council Board of Directors representing Culpeper County
  • Member of the Germanna Community College EMS Advisory Board for EMT and Paramedic education
  • Member of the Culpeper County Public Safety Committee
  • Member of the Culpeper County Fire & Rescue Association (representing career staff)

We are proud to present Director William Ooten with the Outstanding EMS Leadership Award.


King George Department of Fire Rescue & Emergency Services, Outstanding EMS Agency

The King George Department of Fire Rescue & Emergency Services is a leading and well-respected Fire & Rescue agency throughout the region and state. The Department operates four stations that cover the County and is licensed at the Advanced Life Support (ALS) ground transport level. The department serves an area covering 183 square miles and containing 25,300 citizens. Members of the department have served in numerous capacities on regional and statewide Fire and EMS initiatives. The Department has a history of being the first to take on many new and innovative ways to provide EMS services to the area. For example: they were the first in our region to create a combined Fire and EMS agency that was a truly unified paid and volunteer station. The King George Department of Fire Rescue and Emergency Services was also one of the first to introduce the use of pre-hospital ultrasound, using an approved Point-of-Care ultrasound (PoCUS) protocol to identify various life-threatening conditions. And more recently, the Department has undergone special training to implement the region’s first pre-hospital whole blood administration program. The goal of this new pilot program is to reduce the mortality in patients with hemorrhagic shock. They continue to be on the cutting edge of new technology, science-based approaches and enhanced opportunities for leadership growth.

We are truly excited to present the Outstanding EMS Agency award to the King George Department of Fire Rescue & Emergency Services.

Jessica King, Nurse with Outstanding Contribution to EMS

Nurse Jessica King is the Trauma Educator and Performance Improvement Coordinator for Mary Washington Hospital Trauma Services.  In this nursing role, she works closely with the EMS community to provide awareness and instruction in such areas as Trauma Triage, Stop the Bleed, and prevention. Through her nursing role and work, Mary Washington Healthcare has been able to move away from passing out flyers at tables to really making a difference and providing valuable educational opportunities to the community. She is honest and to the point, treats people with dignity and empathy and always strives to do her personal best in the work she does with EMS for MWHC trauma patients.  This cooperation is also shown through her active involvement with regional and statewide committees on trauma for EMS to include:

  • Mary Washington ED & Trauma Performance Improvement Committee
  • Stop the Bleed Steering Committee, Co-Chair
  • PHI AirCare2 PACES Planning Committee
  • Mary Washington Healthcare EMS Advisory Group

Jessica shines each year as part of the planning team for PACES, an all-day critical care symposium for our community hosted by PHI AirCare2 and Mary Washington Hospital Trauma Center. In addition, she has partnered with VCU’s Project IMPACT with visits to local schools to promote injury and violence prevention, while simultaneously conducting classes to increase the number of STOP THE BLEED Instructors in the region, which is a campaign she spearheaded in 2017. Jessica was instrumental in the 2021 kick-off of the first Mary Washington Healthcare Virtual EMS Night Out. As Outreach Coordinator and Educator for the Mary Washington Hospital Trauma Center, Jessica has consistently demonstrated high standards and iCARE values in working with EMS agencies and other healthcare partners. She is honest and to the point, treats people with dignity and empathy and always strives to do her personal best in the work we do in EMS for our trauma patients. 

We are proud to present the Nurse with Outstanding Contribution to EMS award to Jessica King.

Dr. William Reese, Physician with Outstanding Contribution to EMS

During the last several years, Dr. Reese was a vital part in creating the Emergency Stroke protocol which allowed LifeCare to be able to transfer patients receiving tPA. The ability to continue medication during transport allows for quicker In-Door/Out-Door times with Mary Washington Healthcare, which provides the patient with a better chance of a favorable outcome. He was also major part of LifeCare’s new initiative for the AIRVO 2. The AIRVO 2 generates high flows of warmed and humidified respiratory gases, delivered to spontaneously breathing patients through a variety of nasal, tracheostomy and mask interfaces. Through Dr. Reese’s guidance and support, LifeCare was able to create this high-flow protocol becoming one of Virginia’s first medical transport companies to do so.

Dr. Reese has received many accolades which include being nominated for the Governor’s Award for Outstanding Achievement in Virginia. And being honored as “Teacher of the Year” at LifeCare Medical Transports.

Over the last year, Dr. Reese has been an advocate and mentor at LifeCare Medical Transports by assisting in the creation of LifeCare's EMT Boot Camp. This program is an accelerated EMT course over the span of 4 weeks. Dr. Reese has been monumental in ensuring that LifeCare is able to provide the highest level of care for our community.

We are proud to present the award for Physician with Outstanding Contribution to EMS to Dr. William Reese.

Matthew Russell, Outstanding Prehospital Educator

Lt. Matthew Russell is an outstanding asset and stellar EMS provider at the King George County Department of Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Services. Lt Russell has assisted with instructing new employees in the department’s recruitment academies and he frequently teaches continuing education classes to shift personnel and volunteers. As a certified Flight Paramedic, he assists the department by teaching some of their monthly in-house critical care continuing education classes.

He is an active participant on the REMS Regional EMS Protocol Committee and provides his expertise to ensure that our entire regional is operating with the latest advancements in medical protocols.

In an effort to bring innovative programs to the region, Lt Russell developed and conducted the training program for the King George County Department of Fire, Rescue, & Emergency Department’s employment of Point of Care Ultrasound assessments. Then in July of this year the agency implemented a blood administration pilot program. Lt. Russell was indispensable in the coordination and realization of this program, including training advanced practice providers and other field staff on their specific roles and responsibilities.

Lt. Matthew Russell is an active Critical Care Paramedic and holds a variety of EMS educator certifications. He stays on the cutting edge of advanced care in an effort to keep the King George Department of Fire and Rescue at the forefront of EMS when it comes to excellence in patient care, while striving to provide the highest level of patient care outcomes.

We are proud to present the award for Outstanding Prehospital Educator to Lt. Matthew Russell.

Augustin Garcia Prieto, Outstanding Prehospital Provider

Agustin Garcia Prieto has quickly excelled as an EMT at the Sperryville Volunteer Rescue Squad. Agustin started with the squad as a Junior member while he was a senior in high school. Shortly thereafter, he enrolled in the EMT class and began running calls as plus-one. After coming on board in 2021, halfway through the year he had a record of responding to 237 calls. He never missed a 911 call. He is polite, congenial, inquisitive and willing to work. Gus is compassionate and respectful with both patients and coworkers. His calm demeanor reflects a maturity beyond his 19 years. While running hundreds of calls with the agency, Gus has truly earned a highly regarded reputation and admirable respect from the patients and his peers. 

In 2022, Agustin was honored by the Rappahannock County Volunteer Fire & Rescue Association with an award for “EMS Provider of the Year.” Agustin’s ambitious demeanor and thirst for learning has prompted him to apply and get accepted to the Virginia Commonwealth University. His clear drive and dedication to healthcare will be an asset to those he comes in contact with along his EMS journey. For Agustin Prieto, the sky is truly the limit!

We are proud to present the award for Outstanding Prehospital Provider to Agustin Garcia Prieto.

Tracey Werner, Outstanding EMS Telecommunications Dispatcher

Tracy Werner has been a public safety telecommunicator for almost 16 years.  Since her employment with the Fauquier County Sheriff's Office, Tracy has honed her skills in all aspects of emergency telecommunications, including Emergency Medical Dispatching. She obtained her EMT-B and completed ALS training, participated with a search and rescue group and has become an APCO (Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials) and Department of Criminal Justice Services Instructor.

Tracy has participated on a few different committees with APCO International. She was a member of a local volunteer fire and rescue department, a regional K9 search and rescue team, and is currently a member of the Sheriff's Office UAS Team. In 2018 Tracy was one of three presenters for search and rescue for communications at the Virginia APCO/NENA/Interop Fall Conference. Tracy is currently the Fauquier County Communications center go-to EMD instructor for new recruits. Over the last few years, Tracy has taken the initiative to create a search and rescue for communications training herself which includes specific information on:

  • Call taking for incidents
  • How to have a missing person find their GPS location on their cell phone
  • And providing triage and pre-arrival instructions including EMD if appropriate.
  • The training also includes different resources telecommunicators can expect to contact for assistance.

Tracy exhibits outstanding dedication and service to the field of telecommunications and the field of EMS.

We are proud to present the award for Outstanding EMS Telecommunications Dispatcher to Tracey Werner.

Robert Fry, Outstanding Contribution to EMS by a High School Senior

Robert Fry was inspired to enter into EMS by his father, who is a FF/EMT. He quickly gravitated to Reva Volunteer Fire & Rescue as a senior in high school. During the past year he obtained his NREMT, Firefighter 1, and Hazmat Operations certification. Robert has been so dedicated that he completed his certifications while being dually enrolled in coursework in High school and at Germanna Community College. Upon his graduation, Robert has plans to continue his education in Fire & EMS while attending college. This year Robert was inducted into the National Technical Honor Society at the Culpeper Technical Education Center.

The Reva Volunteer Fire and Rescue Chief said, “Robert Fry has exceeded his agency’s expectations for junior members and surpassed many of the other members within the last year.”  Robert Fry will be a tremendous asset to EMS in years to come. We look forward to see the trail he creates on his way a successful career in the EMS field.

We are truly proud to present the award for Outstanding Contribution to EMS by a High School Senior to Robert Fry.

Fauquier Department of Fire Rescue & Emergency Management, Outstanding Contribution to EMS Health & Safety

In 2017, the Fauquier County Department of Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Management, along with the Fauquier County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association, started an Operational Health and Safety Committee. This committee was established to improve the overall safety of operating procedures and conserve personnel, vehicles, and equipment through accident prevention, training, and maintenance. The committee is comprised of volunteer, career, and union representation. The Health and Safety Committee has implemented two distinct programs whose sole purpose is to support their personnel's physical and mental health. In 2015 they established a Peer Support Team, and in an effort to progress in their services using the Department's Peer Support Team framework, Fauquier County established a Peer Fitness Committee in 2022. Several of the Peer Fitness members have assumed the financial and time obligations of becoming nationally certified personal trainers and nutritionists. The first initiative of this group has been managing recruit school physical training. The Fauquier County Operational Health and Safety Committee also includes a comprehensive gear cleaning and replacement program. In April of 2022, they implemented an alert section called PSTrax, which is used to address and document health and safety-related concerns. PSTrax allows members to document issues, ensure that they are reviewed, make recommendations to the appropriate administrators, and keep accurate records. The Fauquier County Department of Fire Rescue and Emergency Management continues to work closely with local and state partners and a broad variety of related stakeholders to develop a culture in which safety considerations and risk awareness permeate the full spectrum of EMS activities and decisions. 

We are truly excited to present the Outstanding EMS Health & Safety Award to the Fauquier Department of Fire Rescue & Emergency Management.