Regional Services


The Rappahannock EMS Council is a Virginia Department of Health Designated EMS Council. We function as a conduit of information to various state resources regarding local and regional issues and to the street-level providers and regional stakeholders regarding issues on the state and national level.

The council is organized with a governing Board of Directors, regional committees and other working groups that support and help the Board fulfill the mission.  The regional committees are responsible for developing the regional policies, procedures, and protocols which support our mission.

The standing committees of the Council, as outlined in the By-laws, are instrumental in meeting the goals and objectives identified by the Board of Directors.  Each committee is asked to complete a Committee Charter in order to establish their mission, goals, and expected outcomes each year as it relates to the Strategic EMS Plan and applicable contract deliverable for the Office of EMS.  Minutes of the Board of Directors and all standing committees are reported to the Office of EMS throughout the year and are available on the specific committee page.

The Rappahannock EMS Council is also active on various state EMS Committees, to include the Governor's EMS Advisory Board, the State Medical Direction Committee, the Financial Assistance Review Committee, the Regional Director's Group, and other training and planning groups.